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Denise McCallla
Denise McCallla


Denise McCallla


Denise McCallla


Yes! Attending Reunion
Residing In Mountain View, CA USA
Spouse/Partner Trevor Creary
Occupation and/or hobbies? Retired Naval Officer
Children? Grandchildren? Great-Grandchildren? Karlene born 1991
Christopher born 1993
Matthew born 2000
Military Service Navy  
Additional Comments

Went to Chicago State University. Later transferred to Northeaster Illinois University where I graduated with a Degree in Business Management and Spanish. Enlisted in the Navy in 1973. Commissioned Officer from 1978-2000. Retired 2000 in the rank of Commander(05). From 2000-2020 lead the Jamaican American Association of Northern California, Lead local Toastmaster Club, went back to acting and started doing TV commercials. Went back to dance classes and still dancing to stay fit. Had the honor and privilege of being the first female President of the National Naval Officers Association(NNOA), a non-profit professional development organization supporting the sea services in recruiting, training and retention of Officer personnel. Currently reside outside the US in Panama at least 3 months each year. Most recently joined Primerica Inc as a part-time agent in sales of term life insurance, recruiting to build while working on investment license.

What are your memories of high school?

I am an immigrant from Kingston, Jamaica. My first not so favorite memory is how I was misplaced upon admission. I was starting my 5th year of high school in Jamaica when I arrived at ETHS. They gave me an admissions exam. I did well enough to qualify for mostly honors classes but was placed as a Freshman. I recall that one of the reading books Frosh year was Alice in Wonderful. I was sooo upset. I had read that book in baby school in Jamaica. Eventually I was moved up to Junior year when it was discovered that they had not seen my Jamaican high school transcript for placement. My second memory is when I almost drowned in the pool. I had tested for honors classes including PE. As many may recall, if you were in PE honors you were tested for proficiency in all the sports in order to be placed as a helper to the PE teaching staff. I was used to swimming in a river in Jamaica and was confident I could swim in a pool in America. What I did not know was that the pool started deep at one end and shallow at the other. I started my swimming test in the deep end. I stopped and and stood up to catch my breathe and there was no bottom. I immediately started sinking which scared the daylights out of me. I started screaming for help in English and Spanish. Don't ask me why Spanish. Maybe because I used to read a lot of stories in my Jamaican Spanish class that was about going to the beach. I was rescued by the long pole. The teacher whose name I have never remembered was not dressed for the pool that day. She was on the sidelines fully cloth in her clogs with a clip board. While I was screaming for help, I don't believe my fellow students realized immediately I was drowning. I was eventually fished out by the long pole. My best memory was being a member of Escande dance troupe. It was in that environment I got all my formal dance training and have been loving dance ever since. Last I checked there is a group photo of us in the dance studio at ETHS. It was in the central hallway for years. Had a community troupe at one point. We performed throughout Northern California. Now, I dance for fun and exercise. Overall, a positive 11/2 year at ETHS. I did graduate and was presented with the Legion of Merit award for citizenship.